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Check out these expert tips that will ensure your wedding is a major success:

-It’s your day, so customize it to reflect your personal style. No two wedding days are alike. So, why not customize the varying traditions and events that usually occur on the big day to suit your preferences a couple. For instance, perhaps you’d prefer to skip the garter toss or the parent/in-laws dance. Or, maybe you’d want to include an element such as a few traditional dances. Just try to keep the events of the night flowing smoothly and avoid adding too many things that interrupt time on the dance floor.

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-Consider the music at your wedding reception. Find a DJ or a band that’s a good fit to your style and the genre of music you like. Send over a few artists or songs that are meaningful to you that can help them put together a playlist. Take into account about the tone and mood you’d like to set for the various parts of the wedding reception. Typically, that includes the arrival of the wedding party, cocktails, dinner and dancing. Plan music selections that everyone at your party can dance to rather than obscure songs that might risk clearing the dance floor. Aim for a mix of your personal favorites with crowd-pleasing standards. Wedding Venues Near Me Kane County IL

-Thoughtful planning of the seating arrangements. Take some time to plan where you’ll seat the loved ones who will be travelling to attend your wedding. Playing the role of matchmaker may be enjoyable, but guests will be comfortable with a mix of people they already know as well as new faces.
Consider, for example, seating your aunts and uncles at one table and younger cousins at another.

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