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Whether you are planning a sales conference, a wedding reception, a family reunion or a graduation party, the process begins with selecting a Venue Kane County IL. You’ll need a comfortable space for your colleagues, family and friends to commemorate the special occasion in style. The venue sets the tone for your whole event, starting from the moment your guests arrive and enter through the doors. There are many factors to take into account when selecting where to hold your event – which includes the location and size along with the food and beverage options.

Here are a few useful tips to help you find a Venue Kane County IL that’s ideal for your event needs:

-Filling in the space. Prior to selecting a Venue Kane County IL, you’ll naturally want to consider how many people will be attending your event. However, this entails more than simply the capacity of a
building. For instance, many of your guests might bring a “plus one” with them. Additionally, there may be surprise attendees you were not expecting. This requires a guest list to have some flexibility.

Also, your party will need ample space to comfortably move about. Some venues might inflate their maximum attendee capacity to draw more events. It’s a good idea to take some time to walk through the venue and try to picture how you would arrange seating.

If you plan to serve alcohol at your event, be wary of narrow aisles and walkways that might present a slip and fall hazard. If some of your guests have a disability or need the use of a wheelchair, verify they have ample space for safe movement.

-Will you require privacy? Take into account if your guests will require a measure of privacy during your special event. The guest of honor, main speaker or award honoree might want a space of their own where they can prepare. If there will be the opportunity for business-related deals and transactions during a work conference, for example, guests might want access to a separate area for private discussions.

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-Check the reputation of the venue. Even if the location appears fine, the entity that owns it might not fulfill your quality standards. Check the reputation of the venue online before putting your signature on the bottom line. The venue ideally will have a successful background of hosting a variety of events. You’re likely to have a lot of questions in the lead up to your event, so ensure you are able to get ahold of a representative of the venue for assistance. The Venue Kane County IL should have dependable customer care and be responsive to your requests. If you’re finding it difficult to connect with someone at a venue, it’s probably a sign to consider a different location.

-Convenience for friends and family. The old saying that “location is key” is still very true. The guests at your special event should ideally not have to travel too far to attend. Seek a Venue Kane County IL that offers a convenient location. This is another benefit to hosting events at the Copper Fox – we’re in downtown Geneva with easy access to the local Metra station.

-Consider the lighting. Lighting is essential for setting the tone at a special event. If it is too low, guests will have a hard time seeing one another, particularly if some of them are seniors. If lighting is overly bright, guests may find it off-putting. Check out the venue at various times to get a sense of the ambience.

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