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The Copper Fox is a new establishment that’s not only an event space for private parties, but also as a family-friendly dining option in keeping with the Midwestern tradition of supper clubs. At Copper Fox, you’ll find a menu offering the very best prime rib, steak, chicken and seafood selections. Owners Curt and K.C. are big fans of supper clubs and are proud to announce they’re bringing that classic dining experience back for patrons in the Fox Valley.

Did You Know? Check out these fast and fun facts about the tradition and history of supper clubs:

A supper club is a type of dining venue generally in locations across the USA. However, most supper clubs are found in the Midwestern states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa, Minnesota and Michigan. These establishments are often found along the edge of municipalities in rural communities.


A classic Midwestern supper club typically features a menu offering classic American cuisine like steaks, fish and chicken dishes. An all-you-can-eat fish fry on Fridays is also quite common at supper clubs in Illinois and Wisconsin. Another popular feature you’ll find on supper club tables is the always popular relish tray with items like crackers, crunchy bread sticks, carrots, radishes, green onions and celery.


Even though supper clubs are generally found in the Midwest, one of the first ones was actually established in California during the 1930s by a native of Milwaukee named Lawrence Frank. Supper clubs grew in popularity over the ensuing decades. Traditionally most patrons would view their local supper club as a destination where they would spend their evening. Starting with cocktails at happy hour (like we offer at Copper Fox) through appetizers, entrees and dessert, the supper club was a place for families and friends to unwind and relax.

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