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Searching for a Restaurant Geneva IL that serves great food for your next night out? Come the Copper Fox, located conveniently in downtown Geneva on scenic Third Street. You’ll find our menu offers something delicious for everyone in your party. From juicy steaks and hamburgers to seafood, fresh salads and tasty appetizes, you’ll find whatever you’re craving at our comfortable Restaurant Geneva IL.

The Copper Fox is a Restaurant Geneva IL with rental space available for your next special event, party or business meeting. Call to learn more about our venue, catering services and more.

The Advantages of Renting Out a Restaurant Geneva IL Space for Your Events

Planning a special event can be very rewarding. However, it can also take a significant amount of time and effort. As you start to plan a work, family or community event, you will need to first consider the location. Some may opt to hold their event at an actual event venue, which may sound appealing but can actually become very expensive.

If you are open to other options, you might want to host your next event at a private, accommodating Restaurant Geneva IL space like the Copper Fox. Your find our location on Third Street to be very convenient – and you’ll find our experienced staff to be very enjoyable to work with as we help plan your event.

Just some of the main benefits to renting party space at a Restaurant Geneva IL include:

-Enjoy a unique and comfortable environment. Many eateries present an attractive interior and an appealing design. If you’re looking for an event space that has an elegant, spacious dining area, you’ll find it at our Restaurant Geneva IL. Able to accommodate up to 200 guests, the Grand Room at the Copper Fox is a banquet hall that features a welcoming atmosphere with lighting provided by crystal chandeliers.

It also has a bridal suite that offers an ideal private space where the bride or other guests can prepare for their special event. The Grand Room also has a private bar where your guests can enjoy our extensive selection of wine, beer and cocktails.

-Host gatherings large or small. Regardless of how many people you’ll be inviting to our Restaurant Geneva IL rental space, you can count on plenty of room for everyone to remain comfortable. Our planners can work with you to ensure the right amount of tables and seating is readily available.

-Less stress for the host. When you hold your next special event at our Restaurant Geneva IL, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself while our professional staff handles the service end of things. With a conventional rental space, you might need to not only set up tables and chairs, but also handle the clean up afterwards.

By hosting your event at a Restaurant Geneva IL, the staff simply takes care of those aspects while you can enjoy yourself and interact with your guests without worries.

Book Your Wedding Reception at Our Restaurant – Call the Copper Fox for Availability at 630-526-7800

Planning a wedding can certainly be an exciting, rewarding challenge for you and your soon-to-be-spouse. Everyone wants a wedding that is enjoyable and memorable, considering it signifies the start of a wonderful journey for the couple as well as their families. However, it calls for more than picking a date or a Restaurant Geneva IL for the event to be successful.

For couples to enjoy their dream wedding, it takes a significant amount of input. While it can seem daunting at times, the outcome can be good for all parties involved.

Naturally, it’s always wise to begin planning early in order to avoid any last-minute surprises. Also, you might want to consider using the helpful services of a wedding planner to help plan your special day. Read on for a few helpful suggestions that will ensure a beautiful, hassle-free wedding.

-Choosing the right venue. Selecting the ideal halls or the finest wedding locales is among the biggest decisions that couples will make as part of the wedding planning process. This is a choice that, naturally, depends upon the budget you’re working with in addition to the number of guest you plan to invite. You’ll want to be sure that the Restaurant Geneva IL location you select with have enough space for all of your guests to be comfortable.

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Take the time to conduct enough research for the best Restaurant Geneva IL venues to hold a wedding reception in the Fox Valley to ensure that you’ll find one that is a good complement to your wedding theme and your personal style. Note that it is always a wise practice to book a site for your wedding reception many months in advance to avoid any unforeseen inconveniences and allow plenty of time for planning.

-The décor and theme. The theme of a wedding is an essential factor that makes the event a memorable one. While it may sound fairly easy, the theme represents the couple’s style and taste. Choose a color palette that serves to define you and your significant other as well as one that makes the wedding venue look stylish and elegant. The decorations and floral arrangements ought to be a suitable match to your color scheme. Customize everything to your preference with respect to style to ensure you each enjoy your big day!

Restaurant  – Copper Fox – 477 South Third Street – Join Us for Great Food, Drinks and LIVE Entertainment – Call 630-526-7800

-What to wear. It’s not ideal if people are not able to remember what you wore just a few months after your wedding day. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to exceed your budget or worry about it. The ideal wedding dress is what makes you feel happy and comfortable as a bride. Choose a dress that flatters your body and also compliments your personality.

The groom, too, should be sure that he wears what he envisions for this special day. Ensure you’re both investing in attire that you’ll each like love and feel very comfortable wearing. Personalize your wedding attire to your personal preference because you’ll only be marrying each other once. Try to choose between buying or renting the groom’s suit or tuxedo far in advance to allow enough to time to schedule fittings.

-The wedding reception menu. A Restaurant Geneva IL menu that your friends, wedding party and family will enjoy and remember is everyone’s goal. The food and beverage items you choose to serve at the reception should be high quality and delicious. However, the first consideration is your budget and the number of people you’ll be expecting. Copper Fox is a Restaurant Geneva IL that not only provides a great locale, but also exceptional catering services too.

-The reception playlist. The entertainment choices that you pick for your reception can be all the difference between delightful or dull. Couples want to ensure their dream wedding day venue is a combination of the right mood and music that is broadly appealing. Talk with the DJ or band to let them know what you’d prefer to hear.

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-Begin with a review of your wedding guest list. Get a good idea that is as accurate as possible of how many people you expect to attend your special day before selecting a venue. This is important for helping to ensure that there’ll be ample space for everyone in attendance. For a general rule of thumb, allow for approximately 25 or 30 square-feet for every wedding reception guest. While that may seem like it’s a lot of room, it’s really not if you take into consideration the space you’ll need for chairs, tables, food stations and room for wait staff to work.

-Check the calendar for days that may be “blackout” dates. Conduct some research to be sure that the day of your wedding does not fall on the same day as other events that may impact your attendance. For instance, try to not schedule your wedding on the same date as something that could restrict the accessibility of hotel rooms or cause traffic problems.

Planning for your wedding reception requires diligent research on many aspects: from the best Restaurant to serve as a venue and caterer to your attire, theme and entertainment.

After all, you want your special day to be one you’ll look back on fondly for many years!

A New Restaurant Geneva IL that Honors the Great Tradition of the Midwestern Supper Club – The Copper Fox – 477 South Third Street – Call 630-526-7800

The Copper Fox is a recent establishment in the Fox Valley that’s not just a venue for private events, but a family-friendly Restaurant Geneva IL that has its roots in the fine Midwestern historical convention of the supper club. At the Copper Fox, we present a menu the showcases the area’s finest prime rib, steaks, poultry and seafood entrees. Owners Curt and K.C. are longtime fans of the supper club concept and happy to announce they’re presenting that classic night out experience to patrons in the western suburbs.

Primarily identified with the state of Wisconsin, supper clubs often began as taverns, dancehalls and resorts where diners enjoy entrees like perch and fried chicken along with cold beer. Over time, these locations gradually transformed their menus and décor. Consequently, the classic supper club menu took form with specialties like fish fry on Friday, prime rib on Saturday and broasted chicken or ribs on Sunday. Plus, there were other distinctive favorites such as a bread sticks, crackers and cheese, relish trays and cocktails like the brandy old fashioned.

Visit our Restaurant Geneva IL – The Copper Fox is located in downtown Geneva at 477 South Third Street – Join us for lunch or dinner – Call 630-526-7800

The Copper Fox is your source for outstanding steaks, burgers, sandwiches, seafood, awesome appetizers and delectable desserts. There’s something for everyone in your party on our menu.

Check out these fun food facts:

-The creation of what is commonly known as the sandwich traces way back the 1700s, when the Fourth Earl of Sandwich reportedly came up with a way to enjoy a quick, handheld snack while not interrupting his card game.

-The basic ham sandwich remains the most popular type of sandwich in the USA. In second place you’ll a delicious sandwich that’s also happens to be on the menu at the Copper Fox: the BLT.

-The “Dagwood” is a sandwich created by the fictional character, Dagwood Bumstead, who appears in the Blondie comic strip. It’s a multi-layered sandwich made with lots of meats, bread, lettuce, cheese, condiments and whatever else Dagwood discovers in the fridge for late night snacking.

-A muffuletta is a sub-type sandwich that was created in city of New Orleans at the start of the 20th century, likely sometime around 1910. It consists of Italian bread layered with salami, sliced Provolone cheese and ham with toppings of chopped green olives, capers, celery, parsley, garlic, oregano, red wine vinegar and olive oil.

-As many as 300 million sandwiches are consumed nationwide every day. That’s almost enough sandwiches for every adult and child in the whole USA!

-According to the Guinness Book of World Records, in October 1977 a hungry fellow named Peter Dowdesell ate 40 butter and jam sandwiches in just under 18 minutes.

Dine at our comfortable Restaurant Geneva IL – Visit the Copper Fox Tonight!

-The familiar abbreviation “BLT” first showed up in print sometime in the 1950s. However, it had already been in common use since the later 1940s.

-Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches first gained wide popularity with the expansion of more grocery stores across the nation after World War II. With lettuce and tomatoes more readily available, it was a lot easier to enjoy BLTs.

-The origins of the term “hamburger” came from Hamburg steaks, which immigrants from Germany introduced to the USA.

-It was at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis when hamburgers really began to gain popularity with consumers. Nowadays, approximately 50 billion burgers are eaten every year!

-Hamburger superfans can check out their favorite menu item at the Hamburger Hall of Fame in Seymour, Wisconsin.

-Hamburgers account for approximately 71 percent of all the beef served up in hotels in the USA.

-If every hamburger eaten nationwide in a single year was arranged in a line, the line would circle the planet 32 times!

*Restaurant Geneva IL conveniently located on South Third Street – Easy Access to the Metra Station

-While many cities make the claim to be the inventors of the hamburger, it is generally believed that they were first served up in New Haven, Connecticut in 1900.

Enjoy our famous Copper Burger at the Copper Fox! A juicy, eight ounce patty of certified Angus beef served with Nueske’s smoked Applewood bacon, fried eggs, fried onions, bourbon sauce, smoked cheddar on a fresh potato bun.

Our Restaurant Geneva IL serves great burgers and steaks – but you’ll also find we have some excellent seafood dishes available on our menu too! Try our Louisiana crab and shrimp or the coconut shrimp for starters. These items aren’t only delicious, but seafood offers plenty of healthy benefits:

-Seafood is packed with lots of nutrients. One of the key health benefits to understand about seafood is that it’s simply filled with a whole lot of good stuff for the body. Seafood contains nutrients like vitamin B, vitamin A and B-complex vitamins. Some types of fish, such as tuna also contains vitamin D, which is good for supporting the body’s immune system and bones. Restaurant Geneva IL

-Enhance your mental acuity with seafood. Everyone could benefit from a little boost in brain powers. Restaurant Geneva IL

Fortunately, the omega-3 nutrients found in seafood can help do exactly that. They help to support healthy brain development in babies and children while also boosting cognitive functioning in older adults. Plus, omega-3s can help reduce the risks of development of Alzheimer’s disease

-Seafood is heart healthy. Cardiovascular health is, naturally, essential for women and men of any age.

Seafood has high amounts of protein and is low in saturated fats. It’s also filled with those beneficial omega 3s that really support heart health and reduce the risks of a cardiovascular event.

-Seafood can help to eases joint pain. If you’re increasingly concerned with stiffness and aching in your joints, try adding more seafood to your daily diet. Research indicates that seafood can help to reduce the discomfort of stiff joints and ease the unpleasant symptoms of chronic arthritis.

-Improve skin health. Who wouldn’t want to have more youthful appearing skin? The omega-3s and fatty acids contained in seafood helps to moisturize skin, reduce development of acne and even help protect the skin against the sun’s UV rays.

-Seafood helps battle the effects of depression. Research on the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids found within seafood and depression finds that consuming seafood not only helps reduce the risks of depression, but even helps treat it too. Enjoy seafood for a healthier outlook!

Visit our Restaurant Geneva IL for great seafood, steaks, burgers, chicken dishes, appetizers and lots more! The Copper Fox is open:

Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Closed on Sunday. Restaurant Geneva IL

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