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Regardless of the kind of alcohol options and bar service you plan to offer at your wedding reception, wine remains the top alcohol variety to include. This is in part due to champagne and sparkling wine being such an integral component of the traditional celebrations and toasts. A lot of brides and grooms decide to offer at two other types of wine – at a minimum – upon their wedding reception menus: one white and one red.

Running low on wine at a wedding reception is certainly a problem to avoid. So be sure you provide enough wine to serve all at your event. Many wedding reception guests like to drink a glass of wine with their dinner. Others, enjoy wine throughout the evening. To successfully accommodate each of your guests who are of the legal age, the basic rule of thumb is to buy one drink per guest for each hour of your wedding reception.

A fundamental ratio of alcoholic drinks to serve is 1/3 wine, 1/3 beer and 1/3 liquor. So, if you’re planning for 100 guests to attend your reception, then you will likely need approximately 30 or 40 glasses of wine each hour. With each bottle of wine providing approximately four glasses, you’ll require about eight to ten bottles of wine hourly. If your wedding will be three hours, we typically recommend purchasing approximately 24 bottles, which is two cases. Reception Halls Near Me Kane County IL

Each bottle of champagne or sparkling wine will provide approximately eight glasses for toasting. For 100 guests, plan to purchase 13 bottles of champagne or sparkling wine specifically for toasts.

In the event that some of your guests are dedicated wine consumers, then you’ll want to tailor the menu to feature more wine options. If you should end up “in between” wine cases (with each containing 12 bottles) simply round up your calculations. After all, you or your guests can take home any wine that’s left over following the reception! Reception Halls Near Me Kane County IL

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Popular Wine Types
There are basically three primary varieties of wine that you may choose to serve at your reception: white, red and rose. Within each different category you’ll find many subsections that vary significantly when it comes to body, flavor and finish. Besides these options, you might also opt to serve champagne, sparkling wine or dessert wines at your wedding reception.

Consider champagne and sparkling wine as separate from the remainder of your wine selections because you’ll probably serve them only during the toasts. We advise serving one red wine and one white wine throughout the evening. Here’s a brief look at the common types of wine in each category:

White Wines

Red Wines

Rose Wines

-White Zinfandel

Depending upon the season in which you plan to hold your nuptials, you might want to consider serving different kinds of wine. If, for instance, you plan to wed in the springtime or summer – particularly outdoors during the daytime – you probably should not serve wines that are on the “heavy” side.

Outdoor, daytime weddings generally go better with white wines instead of reds. Weddings during the autumn or winter, on the other hand, tend to pair better with reds. A dry rose is somewhat versatile in any season, especially if you’re serving seafood at your reception. Reception Halls Near Me Kane County IL

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