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Planning a wedding this year? Without a doubt, the costs of preparing for your big day can seem to escalate rapidly. Here are a few suggestions to help control your wedding day expenses:

-When it comes to inviting guests to your wedding, consider sending out digital invitations. Ask a creative friend to help you design the invites. Then, simply “click” and out they go. This method is efficient, professional and – importantly – cost-effective. You’ll be happy you utilized this time-saving planning tip. Halls for Rent Kane County IL

Halls for Rent Kane County IL

-Instead of relying on postal mail reply cards, have your guests provide their RSVP on your wedding website. This is another example of how going digital can save time and money. Going through all of those RSVP reply cards that arrive back to you can take a lot of your limited time. The online practical tools available to you can provide you a list of who will be and will not be attending your wedding. These are convenient systems that can save you a lot of unnecessary stresses.

-Consider asking a family friend to serve as your wedding officiant rather than paying a professional. This is a strategy that can make the entire wedding day ceremony feel more personal for everyone. There is something special about a longtime friend officiating your ceremony. Another benefit to this is the money you save can go toward your honeymoon or other aspects of the wedding.

-Have a standing wedding ceremony to save on the costs of rental chairs, which can be substantial at times. If you choose to have a standing ceremony, be sure to provide some seating for any guests who are disabled or elderly. When guests are standing they tend to feel more involved and active. Try to keep the wedding ceremony relatively brief so your guests don’t become fatigued.

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